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11 August - 10 September

This annual summer exhibition is an opportunity for the Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Society of Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers to exhibit together and create a dynamic, ever-changing display of paintings and original prints. All works are sold ‘off the wall’ at the point of purchase.

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Martin Leman RWS
Martin Leman RWS Felix acrylic Sold Enquire
Berneray Blue Brown Feathers
Angie Lewin RWS RE
Angie Lewin RWS RE Berneray Blue Brown Feathers Enquire
Yoghurt Bus on the Southbank
Gertie Young ARWS
Gertie Young ARWS Yoghurt Bus on the Southbank Enquire
Janet Golphin RWS
Janet Golphin RWS Nasturtiums mixed media Enquire
Watch Out, There's a Fox About
Sue Howells ARWS
Sue Howells ARWS Watch Out, There's a Fox About Enquire
Blue Jacket, Yellow Dress
David Brayne RWS
David Brayne RWS Blue Jacket, Yellow Dress Enquire
Landscape With Arch
Mark Raggett VPRWS
Mark Raggett VPRWS Landscape With Arch Enquire
You Cannot Find the Centre
Gerry Baptist ARWS RE
Gerry Baptist ARWS RE You Cannot Find the Centre acrylic and watercolour Enquire
A Garden in Dorsoduro, Venice
Peter Quinn RWS
Peter Quinn RWS A Garden in Dorsoduro, Venice Enquire
Elephant II
Frans Wesselman RE
Frans Wesselman RE Elephant II Enquire
Jo Barry RE
Jo Barry RE Oblivion etching and watercolour Enquire
Little Monkey
Roger Harris RE
Roger Harris RE Little Monkey mezzotint Enquire
Bethnal Green, Twilight
Janet Brooke RE
Janet Brooke RE Bethnal Green, Twilight screenprint Enquire
Bren Unwin PPRE
Bren Unwin PPRE Pondlife etched brass, etched copper, chine colle Enquire