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25 April - 1 May

A compelling new exhibition from seven Bristol-based artists, Trace is a collective exposure of process, time, history and place. Dark, forgotten structures, inner and actual landscapes, surreal recreations and deconstructed practices combine to make this a showing of the unexpected.


Utilizing print, sculpture, painting and drawing each artist discloses their own separate practice while a wider conversation emerges between them. 

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Ros Ford ARE
Ros Ford ARE Shelter etching Enquire
Irena Czapska
Irena Czapska Dress Enquire
Steel Sketch
Irena Czapska
Irena Czapska Steel Sketch Enquire
Ros Ford ARE
Ros Ford ARE Lagoon etching Enquire
Root Bole
David Sully
David Sully Root Bole Enquire
Lisa Scantlebury
Lisa Scantlebury Ecart Enquire
Libby Lloyd
Libby Lloyd Centrepiece Enquire
Sand Point Low Tide
Jolanta Grzybowska
Jolanta Grzybowska Sand Point Low Tide Enquire
Sat 1
Ian Chamberlain ARE
Ian Chamberlain ARE Sat 1 Enquire