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24 March - 22 April

Water, Paper, Paint, the Royal Watercolour Society's Spring Exhibition, is a celebration of the three fundamental elements that create a watercolour painting.  From these three elements come a vast range of outcomes and in this show you will see huge variations in style, technique and genre.


PREVIEW: Thursday 23 March, 6 - 8pm

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Julie D. Cooper ARWS
Julie D. Cooper ARWS Midsummer Gouache 39cm x 35cm £300.00 Enquire
Messing about on the River
Sue Howells ARWS
Sue Howells ARWS Messing about on the River 54 x 58 £625.00 Enquire
Diocletian's Palace, Split, Croatia
John Newberry RWS
John Newberry RWS Diocletian's Palace, Split, Croatia 32.5 x 23 £870.00 Enquire
Objet Trouve by the Sea
Richard Bawden RWS RE
Richard Bawden RWS RE Objet Trouve by the Sea Watercolour 73cm x 58cm £1,250.00 Enquire
By the Harbour
Francis Bowyer PPRWS
Francis Bowyer PPRWS By the Harbour Watercolour & Bodycolour 52cm x 45cm £850.00 Enquire
Out of the Sun
David Hamilton ARWS
David Hamilton ARWS Out of the Sun Watercolour & Ink 33cm x 43cm £400.00 Enquire
Little Jug of Pinks
Jill Leman PRWS Hon RE
Jill Leman PRWS Hon RE Little Jug of Pinks Acrylic 31cm x 37cm £385.00 Enquire
The Sound
Mark Raggett VPRWS
Mark Raggett VPRWS The Sound Collage, Charcoal & Watercolour 56cm x 46cm £385.00 Enquire
Cutting Space - Earth
Lisa Traxler RWS
Lisa Traxler RWS Cutting Space - Earth Watercolour & Acrylic Collage Painting 70cm x 30cm £620.00 Enquire
Listening to Music
Annie Williams RWS RE
Annie Williams RWS RE Listening to Music Watercolour 67cm x 58cm £800.00 Enquire
Untitled Ocean
David Cass ARWS
David Cass ARWS Untitled Ocean Gouache 45cm x 32cm £315.00 Enquire