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28 July - 11 September

This annual summer exhibition is an opportunity for the Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers to exhibit together and create a dynamic, ever-changing display of paintings and original prints. All works are sold 'off the wall' so you are able to take them away with you at the point of purchase. This results in an exhibition that you can visit throughout the summer, seeing new works every time.

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Meg Buick ARE
Meg Buick ARE Crane lithograph Enquire
Jane Lewis ARWS
Jane Lewis ARWS Twinned watercolour 16cm x 17cm £320.00 Enquire
St Roche's Gate
David Hamilton ARWS
David Hamilton ARWS St Roche's Gate watercolour 25 x 20 Enquire
Springtime etching 16cm x 16cm £120.00 Enquire
To and Fro II
Paul Hawdon RE
Paul Hawdon RE To and Fro II linocut 40 x 30 Enquire
Blue House, Murano
Peter Quinn RWS
Peter Quinn RWS Blue House, Murano watercolour Enquire
Night birds in the trees
Emma Haworth ARWS
Emma Haworth ARWS Night birds in the trees watercolour Enquire
Conflict with Green Splash
Geoffrey Pimlott RWS
Geoffrey Pimlott RWS Conflict with Green Splash watercolour £110.00 Enquire
Striped Cups with Spring Flowers
Angie Lewin RWS RE
Angie Lewin RWS RE Striped Cups with Spring Flowers watercolour Enquire