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31 January - 19 February

The Society of Wood Engravers returns to Bankside with a vibrant new selection of wood engravings and relief prints from the UK and around the world. Drawn from an open submission and a rigorous selection process, this annual exhibition showcases around 150 prints demonstrating a wide range of approaches and subject matter, combining wit and vision with often astonishing levels of skill.


This year we are proud to include a special display of wood engravings by Peter Lawrence RE.


Wood engraving is the original ‘affordable art’ form, and with prices starting at £50, the only difficulty with this hugely enjoyable exhibition of prints may be choosing which ones to take home!



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On Eccles Beach
Neil Bousfield ARE
Neil Bousfield ARE On Eccles Beach wood engraving Enquire
Moonlight, King's Reach
John Bryce RE
John Bryce RE Moonlight, King's Reach wood engraving Enquire
St. Paul's - Dusk
Anne Desmet RA RE
Anne Desmet RA RE St. Paul's - Dusk wood engraving Enquire
Maxwell I
Ben Goodman
Ben Goodman Maxwell I wood engraving Enquire
Louise Hayward RE
Louise Hayward RE Ladlands engraving on plastic Enquire
This is a Wood Engraving
Peter Lawrence RE
Peter Lawrence RE This is a Wood Engraving wood engraving Enquire
Motown Motion VIII
David Moyer
David Moyer Motown Motion VIII wood engraving Enquire
Stone Mason
Howard Phipps
Howard Phipps Stone Mason wood engraving Enquire
A Country Fair
Derek Setford
Derek Setford A Country Fair wood engraving Enquire
The Bishop's Eye
Ian Stephens RE
Ian Stephens RE The Bishop's Eye wood engraving Enquire
Geri Waddington
Geri Waddington Artichoke wood engraving Enquire