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2 - 31 October

The exhibition explores one of the medium’s most fundamental qualities: its portability.

Our artists have taken their palettes to the mountains of Nepal, tributaries of East Anglia, the Army bases of Afghanistan, the rocky cliffs of Pembrokeshire and the wilds of Texas, amongst many others.

The notion of a journey, however, is not limited to physical travel, all artists are on a metaphorical journey of sorts, from one idea to the next, building on and expanding their practice. This exhibition will look at both of these definitions and demonstrate the diversity and central position of watercolour.

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 THREADS OF LIFE (part 1) Venice
Lisa Traxler RWS
Lisa Traxler RWS THREADS OF LIFE (part 1) Venice mixed media £520.00 Enquire
Reclining Figure
David Brayne RWS
David Brayne RWS Reclining Figure pigment & acrylic Enquire
Laguna Veneta
Laguna Veneta watercolour £1,750.00 Enquire
 Clinging to the land 2
David Paskett PPRWS Hon RE
David Paskett PPRWS Hon RE Clinging to the land 2 watercolour £6,000.00 Enquire
Evening Run
Richard Sorrell PPRWS
Richard Sorrell PPRWS Evening Run acrylic £650.00 Enquire
Just Can't Get it Straight
John Crossley VPRWS
John Crossley VPRWS Just Can't Get it Straight watercolour and gouache £950.00 Enquire
Introducing Pink
Annie Williams RWS RE
Annie Williams RWS RE Introducing Pink watercolour £800.00 Enquire
Little Japanese Lady
Charles Williams RWS
Charles Williams RWS Little Japanese Lady watercolour £190.00 Enquire
Winter Solstice
Mark Raggett VPRWS
Mark Raggett VPRWS Winter Solstice watercolour, collage & charcoal £650.00 Enquire
Essex Nasturtiums
Jill Leman PRWS Hon RE
Jill Leman PRWS Hon RE Essex Nasturtiums acrylic £450.00 Enquire
Milnton Garden IV
Patricia Cain ARWS
Patricia Cain ARWS Milnton Garden IV watercolour, collage and acrylic 75cm x 59cm £1,450.00 Enquire
August 26
James Faure-Walker RWS
James Faure-Walker RWS August 26 watercolour £1,450.00 Enquire
Morning snowfall, Murren,  Switzerland
John Newberry RWS
John Newberry RWS Morning snowfall, Murren, Switzerland watercolour £420.00 Enquire